Welcome to the Perche Zen Centre, Daishugyoji, Zen meditation in Normandy!

Daishugyo is a Buddhist centre in the Soto Zen tradition. It is a community life, open to all, which brings together practitioners of the Buddha Way along with the teachings of Hugues Yusen Naas, Zen master, elder disciple of master Taisen Deshimaru. The aim of this centre is to spread and transmit Soto Zen and to develop its practice in a European context with Zazen, just sitting, as its primary focus.

The Perche Zen centre welcomes Zen practitioners, monks and nuns, Bodhisattvas and laymen and women. Some live full time at the centre and have developed a professional activity on site or nearby. Others, depending on their availability, come to stay for a certain time in order to participate in Gyoji, sesshins, samu weeks and the daily life at the centre.

We wish to create a place of rural practice, bringing harmony to people and the environment. Whether at the vegetable garden or for the restoration of buildings we use, as far as possible, products and materials that respect the environment.

Thus, in this difficult modern world, we hope that the Perche Zen centre will offer to all the possibility, if only for a short time, to experience a different way of life and to develop the awareness of responsibility towards others and oneself.

Hugues Yusen Naas was born in Strasbourg in 1952. He has practiced zazen since 1975 and received monk ordination in 1977 from Master Deshimaru whom he followed until the master’s death. He taught the Dharma for 25 years at the Strasbourg Zen dojo. He received Dharma transmission from Master Doko Raphaël Triet in 2009. From the summer of 2002 until the summer of 2016, he was manager of the Gendronnière Zen temple, where he was in charge of caretaking, renovation work, daily organization with the residents as well as receiving groups and preparing sesshins. He also gave teaching in the dojo. He then left the Gendronnière to create Daishugyoji Zen temple, which he directs at present as president of the Daishugyo Zen association. He also conducts sesshins in France and abroad.

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Hugues Yusen Naas

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