Zen practice

Zazen: zen meditation 

Master Deshimaru always said, “Zen is Zazen.” For anyone who wishes to understand Zen, the posture and the practice of Zazen is fundamental. Therefore, in Zazen, we sit on a zafu (cushion), legs crossed in lotus or half lotus posture with the back straight. The left hand rests on the right hand, palms upwards, the edges of the hands touching the lower stomach. Breathing is calm and through the nose. Once you have given the necessary attention to your posture, “think non-thinking,” as Master Dōgen taught in the Fukanzazengi. “How does one think non-thinking? It is beyond thinking (hishiryo). This, in itself, is Zazen.”

This experience is the continuity of that of Shakyamuni Buddha beneath the Bodhi tree. After many years of ascetic training and extreme practices, he realized on one hand that even if he, himself, were to awaken, he would never be able to alleviate the suffering of others. He also realized that others would never be able to share his experience. In this way, his mind freed from all intention, he discovered that the solution to the problem of suffering could only be found with a mind liberated from all need for personal benefit and only within the individual.

So the only thing to do is to sit in stillness. One doesn’t search for truth but allows oneself to be grasped by it.

Times of Zazen: 

    • du mardi au samedi : 6 h 30 – 8 h
    • mardi : 20 h – 21 h 30
    • jeudi : 20 h – 21 h 30
    • samedi : 18 h – 19 h 30
    • dimanche : 10 h – 11 h 30

Tariff: 4 euros/sitting or 20 euros per month

* Please arrive 15 minutes before the session! 

* If you have never practiced Zazen in a dojo, please phone to organize a meeting prior to the session. 

Calendar of activities 2020 :

– 9 février 2020 : Journée de zazen « spécial débutants »
– 29 mars : journée de zazen « spécial débutants »
– 11-13 avril : sesshin (il s’agit d’une pratique intensive)
– 18-24 mai : sept jours de pratique autour de l’Ascension (zazen, samu, couture du kesa)
– 28 juin : journée de zazen « spécial débutants »
– 10-16 août : camp d’été, sesshin du 14 au 16
– 26 septembre – 1er octobre : semaine samu, journée de zazen le 1er
– 18 octobre : journée de zazen « spécial débutants »
– 15 novembre : journée de zazen « spécial débutants »
– 20 décembre : journée de zazen « spécial débutants »
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